Tehdään yhdessä!

Me 4.-luokkalaiset teimme videon, kuinka pitäisi toimia kohteliaasti ja ottaa kaikki mukaan leikkiin.


The Final Report

Dear friends,
Our Comenius Project has come to the end. It has been a great experience for all of us. We are very grateful that we have had this opportunity to visit new countries, learn many new things and get to know new friends in other project schools. We hope that we will keep in touch in the future as well. THANK YOU!


School Garden

Our school garden is ready for summer. We hope it will be a sunny and warm summer - and not too much rain!

Solar oven

One of our last tasks was making a solar oven. Unfortunately we don´t have enough sun shine here in Finland right now so it doesn´t work like it should be. But it was a new idea for us anyway!


The Final Green Corner

Last week we had our spring festival. We presented the Green Corner to parents and other festival guests. Many nice pictures, information and memories to share.


The Last Project Meeting in Romania

Three teachers travelled to Romania on 18.-23.5.2015. It was the last project meeting and we had a great time there. Greetings to all Comenius Project friends in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Cypros and Turkey! We hope that we´ll meet again some day!


Project meeting in Hungary

Three teachers and two students travelled to the Hungarian meeting on March. We had a great time in Törökzentmiklos, Szolnok and Budapest. Thank you for the great meeting, our Hungarian friends! We will meet again in Romania on May!